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January 7, 2019
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April 10, 2019
Web Designer or Developer

If you are involved in being a part of the website production business, you might want to know the difference between ‘web designer vs web developer’. This debate between web designer vs web developer is one of the unresolved argument over the years. Are they both the same thing or totally different professions?

Unluckily, the result of this debate rests on who you ask. There is a vast difference of opinions when it comes to this topic. In the early times, this argument has been always exhausting and that’s why we are here to help you with the facts in a fun way.

This piece of information is going to help you with the facts that make web designer and developer similar and/or different.  We will introduce you to the similarities and difference of being a web designer and developer.

Web Designing

The work of web designer isn’t easy as it looks, it requires a clear mental visual, ponding over and create a skeleton for the upcoming website. A web designer has to think visuals of the website with a user-friendly experience and functionality in the corner of the mind. Following are some of the important things that need to be kept in mind while creating a skeleton of a website:

Fluctuating design trends:

As the new technologies develops, the trends and designs keep changing and getting advanced so the website  should have latest designs and outlines so it doesn’t look outdated. Modern designs will give good look to your website.

Target audience based:

A website for a growing teenager or a parent or a businessman or an old aged person would entirely be different. So while making an outline the website designer should keep the target audience in mind.

Web Development

After the design part is sorted, developers work towards forming a fully functional website by jotting down the ideas and concepts provided by web designers. Web development is all about coding but individuals already familiar with WordPress or Wix work flawlessly without needing much coding information. Here are a few different types of web developers.

•    Front-end Developers

Front end developers are almost considered to be the web designers. In terms of front end development, the argument is that there is a very slight difference between the web designer and developer. The difference is only the ability to code fluently.  To make unattractive web copy into an exciting and impressive website, front end developers use languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The designs and concepts of web designers are taken into action by front end developer and put them into the appropriate place on the website.

•    Back-end Developers

Second kind of developers are called back end web developers which have profound knowledge of programming languages. And they are responsible for creating server-side elements for websites. Making membership portals, e-commerce stores work, creating web apps and maintain databases are also tasks that they do.

•    Full-stack Developers:

These developers have a strong awareness of both the front and back end developing. They understand many languages and concepts about programming and then put them together to make a website. Full stack developers are either the supervisor of a team working together or on their own to make a small or simple site.

Web designer or Web developer?

So now it’s on you, either you choose to be a web designer or web developer you got to work really hard but remember it’s never too late to learn anything.

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